About Caleb Cream

One Little Boy

Caleb is 7 years old. He likes to read. He loves video games. He has more toys than he can even count. He loves basketball and ice skating. He loves snakes and bugs and lizards…all the squirmy things that gross moms out! In most ways he is just like your average seven year old except for one thing; he is allergic to peanuts.

We found out Caleb was allergic to peanuts before his second birthday. When they did the test his reaction was 5+ which is pretty much off the charts. Luckily for him and us he has never eaten a peanut or had any type of bad reaction but the odds are good that any reaction he had would be anaphylactic (swelling of throat and tongue, trouble breathing and a drop in blood pressure).

Caleb has lived his whole life avoiding certain foods. He can never eat cakes or cookies from a bakery or ice cream from an ice cream shop. At school he is in a “peanut free” classroom and when other children bring in treats for their birthdays Caleb usually has to bring his own special snack that is peanut safe. Because of all this Caleb decided to start Caleb Cream.

One Severe Allergy

What is a Peanut Allergy? A peanut allergy is a severe, usually rapid, reaction to the ingestion of peanuts. Symptoms range from atopic dermatitis (hives, eczema, etc.) and digestional discomfort to anaphylaxis, a potentially fatal constriction of the airways and swelling of the throat. Though these symptoms are similar to those of other food allergies, peanut allergy symptoms tend to be rather severe and account for the majority of fatal or near fatal anaphylactic reactions in the U.S.

A peanut allergy reaction causes various degrees of inflammation, itching and indigestion. Inflammation, or swelling, is the greatest concern as it can lead to blockage of the air passages and circulatory collapse, i.e. anaphylaxis. A peanut allergy reaction can be immediate (within seconds) or delayed for several hours. Susceptible individuals can be affected by only a few milligrams of peanut protein. Approximately 75% of peanut-allergic children will experience a reaction the first time that they eat peanuts.
(Peanut Allergy Info from http://www.peanutallergy.com/)

One Big Hope

Caleb Cream’s original mission was a simple one. Caleb wanted to raise money by selling peanut safe ice cream. The money would then go towards finding a cure for peanut allergies. In August of 2010 Caleb Cream had its first fundraiser; an ice cream stand that raised money to be donated to FAAN. Since then Caleb’s passion for Caleb Cream and helping kids with problems has grown. In 2011 Caleb Cream had two fundraisers; a “Spring Bake” and a “Fall Bake” bake sales. Both raised money for FAAN while raising money for other charities that Caleb wanted to help. For 2012 Caleb has even more fundraisers planned and more children that he wants to help.

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