1 Dozen Coconut Macaroons #2

Up for your bidding is one dozen delicious Coconut Macaroons of your choice. You can get them plain, chocolate covered or german chocolate (chocolate and caramel as pictured above). Bidding starts @ $5.00. Please post in the comments with your bid. Check back throughout the week to make sure that you don’t lose out on these awesome treats…

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11 Responses to 1 Dozen Coconut Macaroons #2

  1. Allison Frumker says:


  2. Edna Cole says:


  3. Allison Frumker says:


  4. Allison Frumker says:


  5. Edna Cole says:


  6. Kathy Fasci says:

    $10 1 Dozen Coconut Macaroons #2

  7. sherry stark says:

    Kathy Fasci…I must go $11.00 on the macaroons :-)

  8. sherry stark says:

    Let’s go $16.00!

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