Caleb Cream & Friends

Caleb decided that he would like to highlight some other children that are trying to raise awareness about issues they are facing in their own lives. The first person that Caleb chose for Caleb Cream  Friends is his cousin Shelby Cole.

For the past few years Shelby has been battling Trichotillomania or Trich for short. Trich is characterized by excessive and uncontrollable hair pulling and skin picking. Shelby is trying to raise money for the yearly TLC conference which is in Chicago this year. Caleb has decided to help her raise some money for the conference. Caleb Cream will be donating 25% of the “Spring Bake” proceeds to Shelby and her family.

If you would like to find out more information about Shelby or Trich you can visit her facebook page or the Trich Learning Center.

Don’t forget that Caleb Cream “Spring Bake” starts tomorrow, March 19th. Please order now to help raise money for FAAN and Shelby. Every little bit makes a difference. As Caleb always says, “Be a Sweet! Buy a Treat!”

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