Caleb’s Hope

As you may or may not know we will be starting another Spring Bake fundraiser for Caleb Cream soon. Sharon and I had actually thought about skipping Spring Bake this year and just focusing on doing the original Caleb Cream ice cream fundraiser in the summer, which we didn’t get to do last year.  However, Sharon asked Caleb what he wanted and now we are happily doing another Spring Bake at Caleb’s request. Caleb really loves raising money for Allergy research and others that need his help. The other day in the car he really punched that point home for us.

Caleb had his yearly allergist checkup recently. Usually he goes once a year but because of school and various scheduling conflicts it had been about a year and a half since his last appointment. His Dr. informed us that she would like to test him again to see if he was still allergic-he still has about a 20% chance to grow out of his allergy. When he goes through testing it is always tough. Caleb always gets his hopes up that this will be the time where they tell him that he is no longer allergic to peanuts and he is always sad when he finds out that he isn’t.

It was no sooner than his Dr. mentioned that Caleb might no longer be allergic to peanuts that he got excited and talked about how different it would be. “You mean I could not be in a peanut free classroom at school and I could eat all of the birthday cakes and I could eat whatever I want!” he said. This just broke Sharon’s and my heart. If you know Caleb he never complains about all of the things he can’t eat and everything that he misses out on. When you tell him can’t have something he just shrugs and says “I’m allergic.” and has something else.

On the ride home from the allergist we talked to him more about his test which will be in about a month. We explained to him that while there was a chance he might grow out of his allergy the odds were against it so we didn’t want him to get his hopes up too much. Again he expressed how cool it would be if he were no longer peanut allergic but also that he understood that it was unlikely that he wouldn’t be.

He then asked a question “If I find out I’m not allergic to peanuts any more will we still do Caleb Cream?”

Sharon responded “Would you still want to do Caleb Cream?”

“I would still want to help other kids that were allergic to peanuts even if I wasn’t any more.” Caleb said.

Later that night Sharon and I were talking about the discussion with Caleb. It isn’t just that Caleb has a peanut allergy but he also understands what a challenge it can be to have problems that make you different. That’s why he not only wants to help kids with peanut allergies but also other children that have issues that make their lives harder.

Never in my life have I been prouder of our eldest. He does great in school and plays sports and is really smart, he has an amazing faith in his Heavenly Father and makes me feel honored every day to be his dad but in that moment I was so proud of him and his love for all these kids that he doesn’t even know. Heavenly Father blessed us with amazing children who humble me every day with their faith and their love. Caleb is a great kid who just wants to make other kids’ lives better.

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  1. Tommy Bussino says:

    That is very touching. It grabbed at my heart strings. My hope is that you guys will have much success with Caleb Cream, and you are instilling some very strong and precious values in your children. Well done my friend!

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